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Glasshouse at Penicui  (Jack McDonald blowing tumblers)

Servitor pre-shaping an angular knop stem, before finishing the profile in stem-dies.

(Johnny Marr)


Gathering. The experimental pots being used at this time had a double mouth.

(James MacNaughton gathering)

forming foot.jpg

Servitor forming wineglass foot with pearwood boards. (Rab Langa)

spun foot.jpg

A finished wineglass. (Johnny Marr)

tumbler making.jpg

Tumbler Moulding. (Jack McDonald)

Shortly before this picture was taken,a man with a bucket full of water went past.


Derek Walls making Rosebowls - Continental working.


Blowing a Rosebowl.


Blowing Rosebowl, note overblow.



drying rings etc.jpg

Potmaking Department - Gathering Rings, stoppers and collars drying on floor.

 Double mouth pots and gathering rings

potmaking dept.jpg

Potmaking Dept. John Lawrie, Head of Glass Design Edinburgh College of Art and Potmaker Andrew MacAuley



cutting shop.jpg

Cutting Shop (Willie Munro, centre, and George McIntosh, right)

cutting thistle ware.jpg

Cutting the fine diamonds on a Thistle Vase (Willie Daly?)

marking out.jpg

Marking out guidelines for the cutters, using a red lead paint

(Margaret Urquhart)

marking out wines.jpg

Marking Out

acid polishing.jpg

Acid Polishing. The glassware is dipped in a solution of Hydrofluoric and Sulphuric Acids

(Willie Gall)

drying glassware.jpg

Giving the finished glasses a guid dicht wi' a cloot.

(Andrew Scott - centre)


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Edinburgh Crystal Glass Co Ltd - Penicuik 1975

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